As kids we went to the sandbox to play, make things, and spend time with friends. In the sandbox, everyone was equal and the creative process was shared. The things we made and the time we spent were not permanent, but the process has remained the same. Sandbox Cooperative is a place for us to gather, share ideas, ask questions, and make things together.

Sandbox Cooperative is an interactive forum for conversation, questions, and the exchange of ideas. An initiative growing out of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Rochester, MN, its vision is to provide a platform for faith life conversations with a progressive theological lens that encourages questions, doubt, grace, and exploration. The loudest voices on Christian theology today are talking about a faith of answers and certainty, with a narrow view of what it means to be Christian. The presenters at Sandbox Cooperative focus on a faith of questioning and exploration, with abundant grace and forgiveness for all.

So far, Sandbox Cooperative has featured Jay Bakker discussing grace, Mark Scandrette challengning how we use our time and money, and Shane Hipps talking about call. The presentations are streamed live over the web and stored in an archive to be used as a free small group discussion resource. This resource provides clips for each of the three speakers with accompanying discussion questions. It’s a great resource for high school students, young adults, and adults of all ages.

At each live event we gather to share refreshments and conversation. The speaker of the evening engages in a conversation with people from our live audience as well as the online audience through our live stream. Conversation is encouraged with questions from both the live audience and the online audience (via Facebook and Twitter).