Mike McHargue at Sandbox Cooperative, September 27

MikeMcHargueOn September 27, 2015, Sandbox Cooperative will welcome Science Mike McHargue. Mike will talk with us about wrestling with questions in faith and finding peace in doubt.

I help people know God in an age of incredible scientific insight.

The walls are coming down. Thanks to an explosion in both information from modern science and information accessibility from the Internet, more people than ever struggle with their understanding of God. We’re entering an age of skepticism and doubt. That’s good, but it also leaves many people lost, confused, and estranged from their communities.

I understand. I have walked the road of doubt, and I have watched God die in the face of modern enlightenment. But, I’ve also held His hand as he returned to me in the waves of the Pacific Ocean. I use my story and insights to help others find peace in doubt.

-Science Mike, mikemchargue.com

About Mike
Mike, affectionately known as “Science Mike,” is a speaker, writer, technology executive, self-ascribed nerd, and co-founder of The Liturgists with Michael Gungor. He travels the country helping believers and non-believers understand and know God in an age of incredible scientific insight.

Mike experienced a crisis of faith at the age of 25, when his parents announced the end their marriage after an affair. Through a conference with Rob Bell, Mike found a new understanding of God and faith. This experience was too powerful to ignore or explain away, and it started Mike on an involuntary quest: reconciling the God he experienced with the reality of science.

Since his return to faith Mike has become a popular speaker at conferences, retreats, churches, and colleges across the country. He recently appeared at SYMC, 2Days with Rob Bell, Granger Community Church, Hosanna! Lutheran Church, Bloom, Florida State University, and Nyack College.

It was through interaction with Michael Gungor who was in the midst of a similar spiritual crisis that Mike was able to share his story leading to Gungor’s renewed faith and a deep friendship. Their relationship spawned the birth of The Liturgists, a collective of artists and creators who seek to make beautiful, evocative work that celebrates science, faith, and art in a Christian context.

When Mike isn’t on the road, he lives in Tallahassee, Florida with his wife Jenny, two daughters, and one motorcycle.