Regina Mustafa at Sandbox Cooperative – Oct 30


Regina Mustafa at Sandbox Cooperative – October 30

Watch the live stream of Regina Mustafa at Sandbox Cooperative.
The event will begin at 7 pm CST.
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On October 30, 2016, Sandbox Cooperative will welcome Regina Mustafa. Regina lives in Rochester, Minnesota and is the founder of Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam, a local organization focused on sharing reliable and accessible information on Islam, as well as promoting healthy interfaith dialogue. Regina will share some common misunderstandings about our Muslim neighbors, the struggles and joys of living in the United States as a Muslim given our current political and social climate, and help us ask a very important question together – why is interfaith dialogue so important? And maybe even more at the heart of it – why is it important for each of us to be in relationship with those who aren’t like us?

“My inspiration comes from my children. I want a better future for them, a future where they can proudly hold their heads up high as Muslims and Americans. Since 9/11, Muslims in the US have faced prejudice and being misrepresented in the media. The only way we can confront falsehood and negativity is to reach out to our neighbors and be active members of our society… If we want a more promising future for our children, we must engage in interfaith dialogue.” – Regina Mustafa,

For more about Regina…
Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam (CIDI)
Twitter: @cidi_cidimn
Facebook: Regina Mustafa