Shane Hipps “The Call to Live Our Call”

Are we best suited for the tasks at hand and the lives we’re living, or is God calling us to something else? How do we discover our purpose? Shane Hipps encourages us to listen to how God is calling us to live and to make a path to hear more clearly.

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Timestamp: 7:43 – 8:30
“At the heart of this conversation about finding purpose or living your calling is the ability to listen to a part of yourself that is most often muted … Passion and courage are the two sources of what we’re doing.”

When have you been encouraged to discover your calling?
How have you found success or struggled in listening to this “muted” part of yourself?

Timestamp: 12:22 – 13:34
“I’m absolutely a believer that everyone was crafted in a specific way … to listen in to the frequency that they’re most passionate about.”

How has the way you were created influenced your understanding of your purpose?
How can you work harder to “tune in” to more clearly align your life with that purpose?

Timestamp: 13:45 – 15:22
“One of the things I think is fascinating is, if God gives you a purpose, why don’t I know what it is right away? … Instead of feeling like there’s some hidden maze we’d better figure out.”

Where are you in the process of discovering your calling, your purpose? Why is discerning what you are meant to be and do sometimes difficult?

Timestamp: 15:54 – 16:40
“You can use a flute to stir soup and it will work just fine … the real distinction is whether or not it gives you joy.”

How does it feel to spend the majority of your time doing something you can do that isn’t what you’re made to do?
What kinds of things bring you joy? How could you change your life to focus on those things?

Timestamp: 18:08 – 19:41
“So this is a really interesting word, ‘fail’ … Get rid of the categories of success and failure and you’ll find courage begin to bloom in your heart.”

In what have you been successful? In what have you experienced failure?
If you reframe these moments in your life as “feedback,” what have you learned?

Timestamp: 20:45 – 22:22
“You have to be very careful about the role of community in helping you determine your purpose … That voice was planted there by God for the purpose of helping you live your life in the way you’re meant to.”

How can our community support one another in pursuing call?
Who in your life can help you clear space to discover your calling?

Timestamp: 24:02 – 25:43
“In general, you may discover your purpose, but that’s 95 clicks down the road … Develop the courage to do the next step.”

What is your next step?
What are the barriers in your life to taking those steps?
How we support each other in finding the courage to take those next steps?

Moving Forward, Think about This
Each of us was made by God for something amazing. If you feel like you’ve discovered that calling, what are some ways you can live within that more? If you are struggling with what your purpose might be, ask those around you for feedback, and plan some next steps to discover what you are made to do.

About Shane Hipps:
Shane Hipps is the Chief Leadership Officer of Aspen Heights, a real estate development company in Austin, Texas, where he serves as an executive coach in the area of leadership development.  He has served as teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, alongside Rob Bell. He also spent five years as the lead pastor of a Mennonite church in Phoenix, Arizona.  Shane is the author of “Selling Water by the River: A Book About the Life Jesus Promised and the Religion that Gets in the Way” and “Flickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith.” Learn more at or follow him @shanehipps.