I kind of feel like the word “Purpose” has been a bit overused.


Okay.  I kind of feel like the word “Purpose” has been a bit overused. 

When I use this word, it has two connotations in my little mind.

  1. Rick Warren: He created a sensation with the word “Purpose” and suddenly everyone was living a purpose driven life with their purpose driven driven family, friends and dogs, driving their purpose driven car while drinking their purpose driven latte.  No hate! (A little jealousy, but no hate). He changed this word forever, and I do hope he helped change some lives too.
  2. Steve Martin: He discovered his special purpose in the movie “The Jerk.” SPOILER ALERT—it changed his life and this word forever (and I’m still laughing about it!).

So if I ask, “What is your purpose?” it seems like a loaded question with lots of baggage. Maybe the idea of having a “purpose” is a strange and foreign concept for you… but you have a goal, or a calling, or a pull toward something that gives your life dimension and color.  What is that thing?

-Dave Berg