About sandbox


About us

The Sandbox Cooperative Podcast is a progressive faith podcast that serves as an interactive forum for conversation, questions, and the exchange of ideas. In an often contentious, fractured society, we are building an extended community of listeners; knocking down walls of division with curiosity and conversation. We explore topics that people are actually talking about and consider them through a lens of spirituality, humor and discovery.

Sandbox Cooperative regularly offers conversations with thought leaders, authors and general ruckus makers. With each episode we look to support our growing listening community on their journey of discovery about the world and the ways we interact with it.


Sandbox Cooperative: A Community 

As kids we went to the sandbox to play, make things, and spend time with friends. In the sandbox, everyone was equal and the creative process was shared. The things we made and the time we spent were not permanent, but the process has remained the same. Sandbox Cooperative is a place for us to gather, share ideas, ask questions, and make things together.


Our platforms


Twice a month, we release podcast episodes interviewing guests on topics on joy, faith, suffering, grace, and all things human. Learn More.

Live Events

in Rochester, MN featuring a speaker that may challenge our way of thinking. We live stream these events online and take questions from our online community. Learn More.

Discussion Guides

Do you lead a small discussion group for youth or adults? We have discussion guides based on our guest interviews and live events designed to inspire openness and conversation. Learn More.