Discussion Guide: on grace

Featuring jay bakker

We often have our own definitions of grace, and how far God’s grace extends. Thankfully, God gives us grace with no strings attached, even though we don’t deserve it. But that means God gives grace to others, too, even when we don’t think they deserve it. Jay Bakker challenges us to continue expanding our understanding of grace, a grace for all.


“I thought God hated me as well … And all of a sudden, I knew I was accepted.” - Timestamp: 13:03 – 14:17


Section One: 

What kind of things in your life have changed the way you understand the story of Jesus and your own faith?


“Let’s talk about legalism … Jesus comes and says, No, it’s a little bit different than that.” - Timestamp: 17:20 – 18:03


Section Two

We often become preoccupied with whether or not other people are following the rules and can become blinded by our own sense of justice. How would your relationships change if you let go of your own sense of what’s right and wrong and focused on sharing God’s grace with all people, no matter what?


“I’ve started to wonder … a love that transforms people.” - Timestamp: 20:36 – 23:05

Section Three

How does Jay’s experience with miracles line up with your idea about miracles?
How have you seen this miracle of love in the world?


“Accepting you are accepted … we’re gonna try to work together for a minute.” - Timestamp: 24:20 – 25:26

Section four

Why is it often a struggle to accept you are accepted?
Where do you see reminders that you are accepted?
Knowing that others are accepted as well, how can we be better at working together?



“He doesn’t deserve grace … what different are you if you only loan money to those who can repay you?” - Timestamp: 25:33 – 26:44

Section five

Who in your life do you struggle to share grace with?
Why is it difficult?
How can we as a group begin to extend grace beyond what is comfortable?


“Jesus’ love and grace doesn’t always make sense … God.” - Timestamp: 27:10 – 27:59

Section Six

How have you experienced the love and grace of God?
When has it been unexpected?


“Grace and forgiveness may be the greatest horror of the Bible … This is an example of what grace is.” - Timestamp: 28:06 – 30:42

Section Seven

Extending grace is never easy. And yet, God calls us to extend it anyway. How we begin to see others as our brothers and sisters in Christ, despite our differences and disagreements?


“To me, a prime example of grace … and the sacrifice to make it happen.” - Timestamp: 32:09 – 36:29

Section eight

n your understanding, how far does God extend grace?
Why does Darth Vader get to be a force ghost?

Moving Forward, Think About This
Think about where your “grace box” is. How can you begin to extend grace beyond the limit you have set for yourself? Imagine the vastness of God’s grace, and consider some next steps you might take to extend grace in difficult situations.