Discussion Guide:a life of simplicity

Featuring mark scandrette


We live in a world of abundance, yet many of us find ourselves feeling like we don’t have time and money. Part of the solution may be an intentional look at where we spend both. Mark Scandrette challenges us to make the most of what we have and live in a way that is more sustainable.



“I have a reputation about a special superpower I have … So there’s treasures out there if we have eyes to see the abundance.” -Timestamp: 3:04 – 4:52

Section one

Where do you see God’s abundance in your life?
What things are abundant, even though they might not feel that way?


“And then I thought, how are we going to be able to really live into those dreams? … Life is more than just those things, as well.” - Timestamp: 10:33 – 12:11


Section Two

How could you reorganize your priorities to focus your time and money on the abundance Jesus talking about rather than consumptive experiences?


“If we have food and clothes we will be content with that … Most of us can expect that these basic needs are taken care of, so we can move on to the greater dreams that our creator has for our lives.” - Timestamp: 13:00 – 13:39

Section Three

If you were free from financial and time constraints, what dreams might you be able to achieve?
How could you reshape your life to achieve those dreams?
How can support those who do not have their basic needs met?


“One thing from being grateful and content was we could see almost anything as a luxury and a gift … The enjoyment of our lives has more to do with the people you are with and the state of mind you’re in, rather than the luxury you’re experiencing.” - Timestamp: 15:57 – 16:45

Section four

What kinds of things do you consider a luxury?
What are your favorite memories? What stands out about those memories?
Which has had a greater impact on your life—people or money? Why?


Section five

What “money aches” or “soul aches” are you experiencing right now? What could you do differently to avoid or relieve those aches?


“Lisa and I wrote this book because we could see in ourselves and those around us some ‘aches’…. Financial struggles… some of us have a ‘soul ache’… " - Timestamp: 19:55 – 21:09


“There’s a third ache … that’s the ache for global equity and sustainability … 12% of us are responsible for 60% of global consumption.” - Timestamp: 21:27 – 21:54

Section Six

How have you experienced this ache?
How can we share our abundance to support those in need in our community and the world?


“I’m going to dare you to believe three things tonight … How do I want to be more free?” - Timestamp: 25:46 – 27:32

Section Seven

What purpose do you believe you were made for? How can you reshape your life to live into that purpose?
What aspects of your life are crowding out or keeping you from living a flourishing life?
How will you choose to be more free with your time and money?

Moving Forward, Think about This
Our consumptive impact on the world is striking. It keeps us from individual abundance and fails to help provide basic needs for others. Think about the abundant life that Jesus calls you to live and consider some specific next steps you can take to limit your consumption, build better relationships with those around you, and improve your awareness of God’s abundance.