Episode 24 | Road Trip – What We Learned

Last month we took a crazy road trip out west to gather as many interviews as we could for this podcast. We wanted to hear stories, learn new things, and connect various voices together in a community that is trying to figure out what it means to be a person of faith in today’s world. This episode includes some of our own reflections, as well as pieces from a few of our interviews.

For more on the guests included in this episode:

– Daniel Kirk is a new testament professor who writes at Storied Theology.
– Harry Williams is a pastor and social activist in East Oakland
– Hailey Scandrette is the founder and editor in chief of Ignited Magazine
– Chris Hawley and Sam Romeo practice wholistic health care at Romeo Medical Clinic and Seity Health
– Mark Scandrette is the director of Reimagine A Center for Integral Christian Practice
– Rob Bell is the author of How To Be Here and Love Wins

Christopher Roberts