Episode 36 | The Abundance of Music and Cinnamon Rolls

In this episode, we spoke with doctors Chris Hawley and Sam Romeo about a series of house concerts they host as a part of their medical practice at Romeo Medical Clinic.

Romeo Medical Clinic started in 2002 with the idea that a medical practice should care for the whole person and not just the body. They believe that the human health journey should involve health at every level including our World, Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul. Physicians and traditional medical practices are well designed to care for the body, but not as designed as well to care for the mind, spirit and soul. Romeo Medical Clinic chose to add house concerts as a whole health tool because nothing speaks to spirit and soul better than the vulnerable music of singer-song writers. They have a unique gift that causes our spirits to soar and healing for our souls. Romeo Medical Clinic loves to make use of any tool that truly heals and is both scientifically and poetically true.