Episode 78 | I Wonder What The Preacher's Daughter Said

In this episode we talk with writer and organizer Carla Godwin and musician Ben Grace about a new song they co-wrote called “Preacher’s Daughter.” The song sparked conversation on a wide range of topics from creativity, to faith, and to discovering, claiming, and using your voice.

About Ben Grace

Australian singer-songwriter Ben Grace’s impeccably crafted songs hover in the space between lightness and the depths, wrestling their way through humor and melody to peel back the layers and reveal the naked truth of us. Through the specificity of his own deconstruction, Ben writes into our universal search for belonging, spiritual homecoming, and desire to live seen and unashamed. Find Ben’s music on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, or on Bandcamp. Follow Ben on all social media @BenGraceMusic.

About Carla Godwin

Carla is a Minneapolis-based writer and speaker and co-creator of the national conversation for women in leadership, She Is Called. In addition to hosting Holy Writ Podcast, she is a regular panelist on the Christian Feminist Podcast. On a summer day in the Twin Cities, she’s cycling on the city trails or playing at Lake Harriet with her daughters. The long northern winters give her plenty of time for her other diversions—coffee and books. Find more about Carla and She Is Called at SheIsCalled.com.

Christopher Roberts