An Introduction to Immigration

We are about to enter into yet another election cycle, and once again immigration issues are at the forefront of it all. We are no experts on the matter, but we wondered - what does the conversation look like if we start with the worth, value, and dignity of all people?

In future weeks these episodes will include conversations we had in New Mexico last summer, but we want to begin this topic by replaying a conversation we had in Episode 12.

A few years ago the Syrian refugee crisis was all over the news. Pictures were showing up everywhere of people fleeing the violence in their home country. And of course, fear and a heated conversation on immigration were at the center of our political discourse. In the middle of all that, we had a conversation with Scott Hicks, a lawyer in Ohio whose practice centers in immigration law, to dispel some of the fears and misconceptions around this process. (You can read the Scott’s post that prompted this conversation here).

Christopher Roberts