Episode 28 | O.G. Rev with Harry Williams

In this episode we talked with Harry Williams, whose work has centered on marginalized members of the inner city community in Oakland, CA. Early on, Harry learned the power of the pen for social change – including writing music. (Fun fact, Harry was a fixture in the underground hip-hop movement of the early 1980s in New York City, then known as “The Incredible Mr. Freeze.”) Harry challenges us to take our faith and move it further toward real impact in our lives and communities.

To learn more about Harry Williams visit RevHarryWilliams.us or find Harry on Facebook.

Listen to “Gone,” a song by Harry (aka OG Rev) about the violence his community faces in Oakland, CA.

Find out more about Harry’s upcoming book here: Street Cred: A Hood Minister’s Guide To Urban Ministry, or donate to the book’s GoFundMe page