Episode 29 | Mapping the Genome of the Human Spirit (Seity Health)

We are already whole people, though we sometimes struggle to see ourselves as whole. But if we know who we are and what we are capable of… look out! We can live amazing lives. In this episode, Sam Romeo and Chris Hawley of Seity Health in Turlock, CA share with us about the history of their unique health care practice, including a new project which maps the genome of the human spirit – a new way of considering how spiritual well-being affects the other aspects of our health. We hear this as a challenge to be more holistic and integrated in our approach to caring for each other.

Interested in taking Seity’s health assessment? Send an email to info@seityhealth.com and mention Sandbox Cooperative.

To learn more about Seity Health visit SeityHealth.com or view some of their videos on Vimeo.